The Ghanaian government instructs schools to remain open despite a strike by teachers.

Tuesday, the Ghana Education Service (GES) instructed regional and district education directors across the nation to guarantee that all pre-tertiary schools remained open despite an ongoing teachers’ strike. GES issued a statement instructing principals of senior high schools, through regional and district directors, to deploy their management teams to safeguard the safety and well-being of all students in schools while the teachers’ strike persisted. The directive follows the decision of the leadership of four teachers’ unions in the pre-tertiary education sector to launch a nationwide strike in response to the government’s refusal to grant them a 20 percent cost of living allowance in light of the current high inflation rate, among other factors. Regional and district directors have been instructed to guarantee that all basic schools stay open and that all students who attend are strictly supervised, according to the statement. The country’s education management agency asked parents to be calm and reassured them that management was actively watching the situation and will provide guidance on the next steps. In the meanwhile, the GES has convened a meeting with the leadership of the teacher unions to review the progress and the next steps.

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